Grayowl Point

“At time heartfelt, other time playful, We Can Get Over should be one of this year’s essential listens.”
Michael Thomas, Grayowl Point

…It’s like we’re living in an alternate universe, when Costelo was the 60’s soul star from Halifax who had a teen hit in 1962, got on Ed Sullivan, signed to Atlantic Records, worked with Jerry Wexler, recorded at Muscle Shoals Studio, and retired. The songs are even presented in that order, with the oldest styles at the start, and the more funky numbers coming at the end. If that was the plan, it’s perfect, the whole project is a perfect concept, and I’d be thrilled to hear more.”
Bob Mersereau

The Gauntlet

“Erin Costelo is living proof of the talent Canadian singers have to offer, and We Can Get Over is easily one of the best albums of the year.

Tomas Maturana, The Gauntlet

The Billy Blog

“This record defines finesse. Erin Costelo has produced a perfect album with a perfect title and a perfect cover. Sit back and savour it (with espresso).”
Billy Donnelly, Taz Records

The Coast

“…the melody-driven mood-maker is in a league of her own. Her baritone vocals move through shades of loneliness, deep-sea dives through oceanic sounds of isolation and inspiration, only to bubble to the surface of piano-pop passivity.”
The Coast

Said the Gramophone

“Perhaps this speaks more to the unusual musical proclivities of my adolescence than it does to the quality of Erin Costelo’s baritone voice, but when Costelo sings, she reminds me most of all of Genesis-era Peter Gabriel. Costelo doesn’t sound like Gabriel exactly, and more often than not, her jazz-inflected, sprawling pop songs owe a greater debt to the composer of “Big Yellow Taxi” than to the man behind “Carpet Crawlers.” It’s in the way Costelo acts the parts of her songs’ protagonists that she recalls Gabriel and his ability to inhabit his many characters and convincingly sing in their voices. In the two versions of “The Trouble and the Truth,” Read more…